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Formation of the SAP Internal Stability Division

South African Police (1913-1994)
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Formation of the SAP Internal Stability Division

Postby steven seymour » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:34 pm

I got this extract of the orders that were issued which led to the formation of the Internal Stability Division (ISU)... which was originally called DIS (Division Internal Stability) This Division was tasked with internal security for the Republic, and more often than not, conducted it's duties in the former 'townships'. What is nice about this extract is that it has a list of the number and location of the different units .....


A decision has been made to establish a new semi-autonomous division in the S A Police with the primary task to combat unrest. The new division is known as the DIVISION: INTERNAL STABILITY (DIS) and will in time consist of 17 500 members.

The Division: Internal Stability, is at present wearing camouflage uniforms with berets. An investigation is at present being done to design a new uniform for the DIS. Only members of the DIS and Special Task Force have authorization to wear camouflage uniforms. Even the division’s vehicles have their own distinctive colour (‘peppermint’ with a black stripe on the sides).

This fifth division of the S A Police is primarily responsible for the combating of violence in the Republic of South Africa. This division places emphasis on preventative actions such as patrols in areas where unrest, intimidation and other unrest-related offences occur. Should there not be any unrest, this unit will be fully utilised to combat crime.

The mission of the Division: Internal Stability is as follows:

“We strive to establish stability in the community through responsibly and professionally preventing and combating riots, violence and crime.”

The Division: Internal Stability has been functioning since 1 January 1992. Since 1 March 1992, Lieutenant-General Johan Swart has been the chief general of DIS.

Verdrag Training Centre
This training centre falls under the Division: Internal Stability, and can accommodate 500 members on course. Courses in internal securing are presented here.

Jakkalsdans Training Centre
This centre is situated in the Northern Transvaal region in the district of Cullinan. The building process of this training centre began on 14 January 1991. The centre serves as practice grounds for Unit 19, where members of the unit will undergo retraining. The centre can accommodate 300 members per intake.

General Johan Van Der Merwe Mobilisation Centre
This new centre was officially opened on 6 August 1991 by the Commissioner, General Johan Van Der Merwe, after whom the centre is also named. The centre can at any given moment receive, accommodate, feed and deploy 650 members.

Magazine Division: Internal Stability
The magazine is responsible for the Division’s logistical support. It has its own component which repairs firearms and issues firearms to members when they are mobilised to render service elsewhere.

ISD HQ Pretoria
ISD 1 Pretoria (Yankee Zero)
ISD 2 Johannesburg (Diepkloof)
ISD 3 Soweto
ISD 4 Potchefstroom
ISD 5 Krugersdorp
ISD 6 Dunottar
ISD 7 Middleburg TVL
ISD 8 Pietermaritzburg
ISD 9 Durban
ISD 10 Maitland / Cape Town
ISD 11 Paarl
ISD 12 Port Elizabeth
ISD 13 East London
ISD 14 Oudtshoorn
ISD 15 Kimberley
ISD 16 Welkom
ISD 17 Bloemfontein
ISD 18 Port Shepstone
ISD 19 National Unit (Rosslyn, Pretoria)
ISD 20 Colenso
ISD 21 New Castle
ISD 22 Pietersburg
ISD 23 Vereeniging
ISD 24 No record
ISD 25 Alrode
ISD 26 Klerksdorp
ISD 27 Rustenburg
ISD 28 Vryburg
ISD 29 Upington
ISD 30 Bethlehem
ISD 31 No record
ISD 32 Grahamstown
ISD 33 Umfolozi
ISD 34 Lichtenburg
ISD 35 No record
ISD 36 Queenstown
ISD 37 Kroonstad
ISD 38 Midrand
ISD 39 No record
ISD 40 No record
ISD 41 Brits"
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