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Riot duty belt & holster 1980s

South African Police (1913-1994)
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Riot duty belt & holster 1980s

Postby steven seymour » Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:37 pm

This was the standard issue field dress belt for SAP members through the 1980s up to 1994 (my intake was the last to receive these items.... being replaced the same year by the black leather belt and holster). the hand cuff pouch, and large type holster (with the additional ammunition pouch above the firearm) were normally used by Riot Control Units, and other members in the field until the introduction of the camouflage uniforms for the Internal Stability Division (ISD / ABS). The smaller standard blue canvas holster was a common sight well into the mid to late 90s.... most often with a red or black ink stain to the magazine pouch, as it was common practice to put your pens into this pouch!!
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